Properly Geeky T-shirts.Authentic Frustration.Meaningful Conversations.

Properly Geeky T-shirts.

A shop for data science t-shirts we wear ourselves. We have several themes, browse them for men's, women's and kids shirts.

Authentic Frustration.

Our designs are born from real experience. They come from the banter, the rants, the frustrations and the joys of getting real data science done.

Meaningful Conversations.

My kids are asking about my t-shirts. Have conversations about how AI works for real.


Data Science T-Shirts for Real Geeks was one of the first boutique data science professional services companies - we launched in 2013 in London, UK.

We launched t-shirts to help promote algorithm awareness and to raise data science culture. Chat with us on twitter, post your t-shirt pics, or even make requests for new designs! @DataScienceTees

Our data science and big data engineering team wanted geeky t-shirts, but there was nothing out there for us. So we made our own. Real geeks making really geeky tees. Awesome! First time here? Check out our original Algo-Foods designs that blend algorithm and food names together. We also have some more general shirts that are fun and geeky. We also have a range of bio-inspired optimisation algorithm shirts.

Rapid Delivery

Rapid Delivery

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Easy Returns

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Certified Organic

Certified Organic

Made in a renewable energy powered factory